MDA Welcomes Valkyries Austere to McClellan

With all the final paperwork finally signed, the MDA sealed the deal for the sale of an 11,900 square foot building and seven acres of property to Mr. Aaron Jamison, owner and operator of Valkyries Austere Medical Solutions and Consultants, LLC. Aaron’s company specializes in instruction and training for wilderness medicine, tactical safety, and biosafety preparedness.

Aaron’s very experienced instructor cadre coupled with their new training facility allows them to expand their consultant training services from their current Heflin based operations and provides them opportunities to collaborate with the Center for Domestic Preparedness, AMK9, and Xtreme Concepts, all located on McClellan. The new facility and additional outdoor acreage provides Valkyries with plenty of room for both indoor and outdoor training classes.

The MDA looks forward to working with Aaron and his team as they take advantage of the opportunities for growth here at McClellan. For additional information about Valkyries Austere, follow this link to visit their website.