Commercial Parcel 3

Property Overview:

Total Area: ~31 acres

Potential Usage:

Anchor #1: 120,000 SF
Anchor #2: 48,000 SF
Retail #3 thru #8:
3,500-5,000 SF each
# of Outparcels: 1

Commercial Parcel 3 is approximately 31 acres and is located east of McClellan Boulevard (Highway 21), on the south side of Summerall Gate Road. Due to the proximity to McClellan Boulevard and major retailers, this site is highly visible to motors. The initial design concept includes approximately 218,000 square feet (SF) of commercial retail space in the main building with two “anchor” stores (120,000 SF and 48,000 SF) bordering six adjoining smaller retailers. In addition, one outparcel adjacent to the primary entrance is available. A walking trail across the front of the site is envisioned to connect to other trails existing or planned in the area. As shown, this site allows sufficient space for circulation, parking and product shipping/delivery to all businesses.