Commercial Parcel 4

Property Overview:

Total Area: ~64 acres

Potential Usage:

Hotel #1: 30 Rms/Floor
Hotel #2: 20 Rms/Floor
Hotel #3: 36 Rms/Floor

Restaurant #1: 8,000 SF
Restaurant #2: 10,000 SF
Restaurant #3: 10,000 SF
Restaurant #4: 12,000 SF
Restaurant #5: 12,000 SF

Retail/Fitness: 17,000 SF

Commercial Parcel 4 is approximately 64 acres and is located on the south side of Summerall Gate Road, bound on the southwest by the Anniston Eastern Bypass and on the southeast by Iron Mountain Road. This site is highly visible to motorists and provides scenic views from some of the sub-parcels. The initial design concept includes three (3) hotel sites and four (4) sub-parcels to support a variety of restaurants in a centrally located entertainment district. An additional restaurant sub-parcel is nestled between the 2 western hotels and a sub-parcel intended for a retail or fitness facility is located on the eastern end of the property. The entertainment district includes a large storm water retention pond envisioned as an amenity with fountains and a pedestrian bridge. There is ample green-space with walking/jogging trails throughout the site. As shown, this site allows sufficient space for circulation, parking and product shipping/delivery to all hotels, restaurants and retail areas.