Commercial Property for Sale

Location: Anniston, Alabama
Total Real Estate Available: 296  Acres
Parcel Size: 2 – 70 acres (depending on location)
Parcels for Sale: 16
Price: $25,000-$45,000 per acre


McClellan is home to nearly 300 acres of property ready for commercial development. This land is perfect for retail, manufacturing, and small to large commercial enterprise.

For zoning and construction approvals of commercial property, McClellan uses the Planned Unit Development process (PUD) through the City of Anniston. PUD provides streamlined, flexible design approval for your project, design, and construction plans, creating a seamless, one-stop process for getting your business up and running in minimum time.

Commercial properties enjoy easy access to Highway 21 and all major roadways and travel routes in East Alabama. Their central location fits within the market for residents of both northern and southern Calhoun County. The properties are also surrounded by a beautiful nature landscape, walking trails, and parks, which provide a picturesque backdrop for any work environment.

McClellan is already home to many commercial companies, health services, and small manufacturing firms, including Consolidated Publishing, East Alabama’s largest newspaper distributor. 

Browse through the available commercial properties for sale on our interactive map below. For a look at tax incentives for developers, please see the Incentives tab in the menu bar above. 

Interactive Map

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