Industrial Parcel 3

Property Overview:

Total Area: ~100 acres
# of Sub-parcels: up to 4

Sub-Parcel Size:

Sub-parcel 1: 18.9 ac
Sub-parcel 2: 29.0 ac
Sub-parcel 3: 21.4 ac
Sub-parcel 4: 17.4 ac

Industrial Parcel 3 is a 100-acre property located on the east side of Iron Mountain Road. The initial design concept includes a variety of industrial uses on four (4) sub-parcels, ranging from approximately 17.4 to 29.0 acres each, while ensuring sufficient space for parking and product shipping/delivery. The balance of the site is left for shared open-space and park-like storm water detention. The sub-parcels could be combined in a number of ways to accommodate between one (1) and four (4) users. As shown, this site would also accommodate large green-space areas within the sub-parcels, potentially including enhanced walking trails and outdoor break areas.