Residential Development

Location: McClellan, Anniston, Alabama
Total Real Estate Available: 2,253 acres
Parcel Size: 2-807 acres
Parcels Available: 14
Price: $2,000 – $3,000 per acre for undeveloped parcels. $12,000 per acre for developed parcels.


The available real estate in Residential zones can accommodate low to medium density housing developments, as well as a variety of retirement communities. The parcels in the undeveloped southern portion of this zone range from 300 to over 800 acres.

Located near some of McClellan’s best amenities and recreational venues, such as: the City Park, Health and Aquatic Center, Athletic Fields, and the Post Office, the Residential area is perfect for home and housing development.

McClellan residents enjoy both the scenic beauty and historic character of this former Army Post. The surrounding wooded areas feature some of the most beautiful nature trails in Alabama, many of which lead to the highest elevations on McClellan, giving hikers a panoramic view of the Choccolocco Mountains.

You can see the available Residential Land in the interactive map below.

Interactive Map

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