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  • Better Direction & Protection: The MDA Introduces Wayfinding Signs and Police Cameras to McClellan

    McClellan residents and visitors will enjoy enhanced safety and navigation following the installation of over 24 wayfinding signs and four police security cameras courtesy of the McClellan Development Authority (MDA). The MDA initiated both of these projects last year in response to a prevailing community need for live-feed security and an overhaul of the wayfinding system. The MDA worked closely with the Anniston Police Department (APD) and Simmons Sign & Graphics (SSG) of Gadsden to lead the ventures to fruition. As of August 2023, the wayfinding signs and police cameras were being installed. MDA Executive Director Julie Moss said, "It’s so exciting to see the wayfinding signs going up as we continue to invest in the area, especially with the strong interest being shown in McClellan. We have made great strides toward development in the community and want to make sure everyone feels welcome and can enjoy all this area has to offer." She added, "We are also proud to have partnered with APD to purchase cameras to assist them with protecting our residents and businesses." The Simmons Sign & Graphics crew collaborated with the MDA staff to mark the location of each sign around McClellan using a color-coded, alphanumerical map. The first signs to go up included Baltzell Gate Road, the traffic circle, and the Summerall Gate Road/Gen. Gerald Watson Way intersection, which conjure the heaviest traffic flow. The MDA hopes the wayfinding signs will encourage more visitors to McClellan who have been previously concerned about getting lost, as well as help direct people to high-activity locations such as the FEMA Center for Domestic Preparedness, the Industrial Park, the Medical Mall, and, of course, McClellan's various recreational offerings. SSG says this is the largest project their company has ever fulfilled. In October 2022, the MDA finalized the purchase of the four live-monitoring police cameras and three years’ worth of network cards for the Anniston Police Department. The cameras, which will be placed in strategic locations around McClellan, will act as a crime deterrent and aid APD in protecting McClellan residents, visitors, and property. Some of the cameras, near the historic headquarters building and Grace Fellowship Church, have already been installed. Captain Justin Sanford of APD Special Operations Division said the cameras will provide an extra sense of security to the community. "The cameras can be directly accessed by members of the police department to respond to any safety threats in real time. They are also watchful guardians that should deter would be offenders from committing criminal acts around those areas," he added. "We are pleased to partner with the McClellan Development Authority on this project." Installation of all wayfinding signs and police cameras is expected to be completed by the end of September. For more information, call (256) 236-2011 or email

  • Packed to the Gills: Lake Yahou Welcomes Carp, Catfish, Coppernose Bluegill Following State Testing

    On the morning of Tuesday, August 16, a representative from Davis Fish Farms arrived at Lake Yahou with a truckload of aquatic inhabitants: 3,200 Coppernose bluegill, 800 channel catfish, and 20 grass carp. This delivery marked the initial phase of a plan to uphold the health and vibrancy of Lake Yahou, guided by the recommendations of the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (ADCNR). In the summer of 2019, the 8-acre lake welcomed 800 bass, as well as bluegill and minnows, as part of its aquatic community. However, a year after Lake Yahou Park's grand opening to the public in 2022, the McClellan Development Authority (MDA) decided it was time to take advantage of the free lake testing performed by the Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division of ADCNR. On May 9, 2023, biologists carried out an electrofishing survey, using mild electric currents to temporarily immobilize a population of fish for study. This method, coupled with water sample analysis, painted a clear picture of the lake's ecosystem to biologists, who proposed a scientific approach to improve the lake's vegetal habitat and ecological balance in an official report for the MDA. The results of the survey offered practical solutions such as distributing agricultural limestone to regulate water pH (a process known as liming) and launching a fertilization program aimed at stimulating plankton growth and maintaining water clarity within a desired range of 18-24 inches. Additionally, biologists suggested stocking grass carp and channel catfish to enrich Lake Yahou's aquatic food chain. Under the ADCNR's advice, the MDA initiated this biology-based program, beginning with the introduction of carp and catfish (and more bite-size bluegill for the bass to eat) this week. As winter approaches, they plan to spread agricultural limestone, followed by fertilization in the summer of 2024—a pragmatic approach to freshwater fishing sustainability that reinforces Lake Yahou's health and quality just as much as its scenic beauty. Lake Yahou Park is currently catch-and-release only, but, as the fish mature, the MDA plans to allow select harvest days, another ADCNR suggestion. A $5 permit is required to fish at Lake Yahou, which can be purchased from the MDA office at 4975 Bains Gap Road, Anniston, AL.

  • Shredding for Sloan: The Race and Scholarship That Keeps Sloan Harmon's Memory Alive

    Every year since 2020, hundreds of community members gather together at the McClellan Trails and ride in the name of Sloan Harmon, a talented young mountain biker whose life was tragically cut short in 2019. To commemorate Sloan's spirit, his parents established a 501(c)(3) organization called the Soaring with Sloan Foundation and initiated a scholarship that honors his passion of mountain biking. Beginning as a small memorial ride, Shred for Sloan has transformed into a powerful annual gathering, raising money for the scholarship through t-shirt sales and donations. LEFT: Sloan Harmon; RIGHT: Shred for Sloan bikers gather at the trail marker named in his memory at the McClellan Trails Chase Garrard, who coordinates the Shred for Sloan memorial ride, said, "I think it's a healing event after such an absolute tragedy, especially for the community." He emphasized that the gathering not only pays tribute to Sloan through mountain biking, but also allows his parents to witness the positive influence their son continues to have on countless lives in the community. Central to the Shred for Sloan event is the scholarship program that provides opportunities for high school senior bikers to pursue their dreams. Any active high school senior mountain biker can apply for the scholarship, and are required to submit a compelling essay, expressing how mountain biking has transformed their lives, along with a comprehensive resume showcasing their achievements. The winners are then awarded the scholarship at the concluding ceremony of the ACA State Championship. Each year has witnessed a surge in participation and funds raised for the Shred for Sloan Scholarship, allowing them to expand the scholarship from just one recipient to both a male and female recipient. In 2023, the event amassed over $8,000 for the foundation, a true testament to the enduring support from the biking community to keep Sloan's legacy alive. Shred for Sloan scholarship recipients Emma Obermaier (L) and KB Benkwith (R) are recognized at the ACA State Championship One of the scholarship recipients, Emma Obermaier from the Donaho School, will use the scholarship to continue her biking journey at Montevallo this fall: "I am so thankful for the people with the Shred for Sloan foundation for opening such a great opportunity for young athletes, like me, to help me set my best foot forward as I step into my future with this sport." The second scholarship recipient, KB Benkwith from the Donaho School, shares a sentimental connection to the scholarship: "Sloan was a very close friend of mine, so I was beyond grateful to receive the scholarship in his name. The McClellan trails are also super special to me as it was one of my first ever mountain bike race wins...I’m very hopeful to come back and help at the [ACA] events now that I’ve graduated. I enjoy nothing more than to be in that environment." Shred For Sloan stands as a testament to the resilience of a community united by a shared love for cycling and a commitment to honoring a remarkable young life. With each passing year, the Shred For Sloan scholarship brings hope and opportunity to deserving young athletes, ensuring Sloan's legacy lives on through their journeys on two wheels. To learn more about this cause, visit the Shred for Sloan Facebook page.

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  • McClellan Development Authority | Property Development & Recreation | 4875 Bains Gap Rd, Anniston, AL

    ANNISTON, AL Explore McCLELLAN RENEW YOUR FISHING LICENSE! Close If you purchased an MDA fishing license for Lake Yahou Park last summer, it is time for you to renew! Please check the date printed on your initial fishing license to know when you're due to renew, then visit our office at 4975 Bains Gap Rd, Anniston, AL to get your new license. Renewing your license is $5 (cash only) and be sure to bring your driver's license or nondriver's ID with you. Call (256) 236-2011 for more information. Properties Map Calendar Blog Staff & Board Contact Welcome to McCLELLAN McClellan is a 10,000 acre master-planned community in scenic Anniston, Alabama that was once a part of Fort McClellan Army Base until it closed in 1999. Today, the McClellan Development Authority oversees the economic growth of this charming, historic community, offering property development opportunities for Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Education, and Research and Technology. RECENT POSTS Better Direction & Protection: The MDA Introduces Wayfinding Signs and Police Cameras to McClellan McClellan residents and visitors will enjoy enhanced safety and navigation following the installation of over 24 wayfinding signs and... Packed to the Gills: Lake Yahou Welcomes Carp, Catfish, Coppernose Bluegill Following State Testing The MDA adds new fish to Lake Yahou, as part of a science-based approach to improve aquatic sustainability, health, and quality. Shredding for Sloan: The Race and Scholarship That Keeps Sloan Harmon's Memory Alive The annual Shred for Sloan memorial ride raises money for a biking scholarship and keeps a young biker's legacy alive. 1 2 3 4 5 UPCOMING EVENTS

  • About | Explore McClellan

    about McClellan On March 3, 2010, the McClellan Development Authority was officially certified as a non-profit public corporation charged with the future economic development of the former US Army Fort. The MDA Board of Directors consists of five members appointed by the Calhoun County Commission, five members appointed by the Anniston City Council and one member appointed by the Governor of Alabama. Board meetings are held on the fourth Wednesday of January, April, July, and September at 9:00 AM in the MDA board room. AVAILABLE BUILDINGS AND PROPERTIES MCCLELLAN MAP DOCUMENTS MEETING NOTIFICATION REGISTRY MEETING MINUTES Julie Moss DIRECTOR Jason Odom LEGAL COUNSEL Shannon Thomas FINANCE MANAGER Jerry Maxwell LEAD GROUNDS/ MAINTENANCE Kassidy Nance MARKETING SPECIALIST Derrick Merrill GROUNDS/MAINTENANCE Administration Staff Board Jim McClellan MDA BOARD CHAIRMAN Sarah Ballard Pritchett MDA BOARD TREASURER Tim Garner MDA BOARD MEMBER Willie Duncan MDA BOARD MEMBER Jamie Jordan MDA BOARD VICE CHAIRMAN Curtis Maxwell MDA BOARD MEMBER Julie Borrelli MDA BOARD MEMBER Aaron Acker MDA BOARD SECRETARY Pokey Brimer MDA BOARD MEMBER Chris Collins MDA BOARD MEMBER JD Hess MDA BOARD MEMBER History our history Explore the timeline of McClellan's history.

  • Businesses | Explore McClellan

    Explore BUSINESS McClellan is home to a diverse array of industrial, commercial, and retail ventures. Expand each heading below to learn more about the businesses flourishing at McClellan. AVAILABLE BUILDINGS AND PROPERTIES MCCLELLAN MAP Aldi Aldi was built at McClellan in 2021. They are an international discount market, known for their cost-saving tactics and fresh produce. WEBSITE Amedisys Home Health Services Amedisys Home Health Care is located in the McClellan Park Medical Mall. They offer professional at-home recovery services such as nursing care, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and nutritional care. FACEBOOK WEBSITE CONTACT Arris Construction, Inc. Arris Construction was founded in 2006 as a non-residential licensed general contractor. They specialize in open-store remodels, but they have completed work in retail, industrial, medical, and government sectors. WEBSITE CONTACT Calhoun County Highway Department The Calhoun County Highway Department, a division of the Calhoun County Commission, is located in the McClellan Industrial Park. They are responsible for the construction and maintenance of all roads and bridges outside the city limits of county municipalities. FACEBOOK WEBSITE CONTACT Cancer Care Center of Anniston The Cancer Care Center of Anniston is a hematology and oncology practice located in the McClellan Park Medical Mall. They offer radiation therapy and chemotherapy treatment in their state-of-the-art, patient-centric facility. FACEBOOK WEBSITE CONTACT Cane Creek Grill The Cane Creek Grill is the perfect place to eat after a round of golf at the Cane Creek Golf Course, offering a full-service bar and kitchen. Their menu features burgers, wings, chicken tenders, fries, cocktails, and more. FACEBOOK WEBSITE CONTACT Creedmoor Sports They manufacture top quality products for rifle shooters of all experience levels ranging from recreational shooters to world-class competitors. Their product lines include their world-famous “Hardback” shooting coats, mats, rifle cases, and reloading tools that suit the needs of those looking to perform at their best. FACEBOOK WEBSITE CONTACT Howard Core Company The Howard Core Company joined the McClellan community in 2007. They manufacture and wholesale student- and intermediate-level stringed instruments and accessories in the violin family to over 1,800 retailers in North America. FACEBOOK WEBSITE CONTACT Longleaf Primary Care International Automotive Components International Automotive Components (IAC) Group is a leading global supplier of innovative and sustainable instrument panels, consoles, door panels, overhead systems, bumper fascias and exterior ornamentation. FACEBOOK WEBSITE CONTACT Longleaf Primary Care joined McClellan in 2022, led by Dr. Howard McVeigh. They are located inside the McClellan Park Medical Mall and offer general practice family medical care. FACEBOOK CONTACT Lowe's Lowe's at McClellan was built in 2011, as part of the national brand. They sell quality tools, equipment, and supplies related to home improvement, construction, and gardening. FACEBOOK WEBSITE CONTACT Matrix Environmental Services, LLC Matrix provides integrated environmental consulting and program management services for the characterization and remediation of contaminated sites at McClellan. Matrix works closely with the MDA, Alabama Department of Environmental Management, and U.S. Army to ensure an appropriate level of investigation and remediation is completed to meet redevelopment requirements while protecting human health and the environment. WEBSITE CONTACT Northeast Alabama Surgical Associates offers state-of-the-art surgical expertise in the fields of general surgery, plastic surgery, thoracic surgery, vascular surgery, and surgical oncology, making it one of the largest private surgical practices in the state of Alabama. WEBSITE CONTACT Northeast Alabama Surgical Associates OneWorld Pet Resort is the "home away from home" for your pet, featuring 130 indoor/outdoor, climate-controlled kennels and two dog parks on their 200-acre property. They offer day boarding, full boarding, grooming, and obedience training. FACEBOOK WEBSITE CONTACT OneWorld Pet Resort Rotech Healthcare, Inc. Rotech is located in the McClellan Park Medical Mall. They are a national provider of respiratory services and home medical equipment, such as ventilators, CPAP, nebulizers, and more. FACEBOOK WEBSITE CONTACT Spire Spire is located in the McClellan Industrial Park. They are a public utilities company that provides affordable, reliable, and clean natural gas to 1.7 million homes and businesses across Alabama, Mississippi, and Missouri. FACEBOOK WEBSITE CONTACT Team Sports, Inc. Team Sports joined the McClellan community in 2020. They provide custom sports gear to schools, colleges, youth leagues and travel teams across the state of Alabama. They also offer retail sales from brands such as Adidas, Mizuno, Schutt, Wilson, Easton, and Rawlings. FACEBOOK CONTACT WEBSITE United Cerebral Palsy East Central Alabama United Cerebral Palsy joined the McClellan community in 2015. They are dedicated to serving individuals, age birth to adulthood, with developmental and physical disabilities, including autism, cerebral palsy, down syndrome, spina bifida, or any other identified delay of 25% or more. FACEBOOK WEBSITE CONTACT United States Postal Service Urquhart Plastic Surgery Urquhart Plastic Surgery is a division of Northeast Alabama Surgical Associates, located in the McClellan Park Medical Mall. Services they offer include breast reduction and reconstruction, upper blepharoplasty, carpal tunnel repair, skin cancer removal and reconstruction, and more. FACEBOOK WEBSITE CONTACT Whorton Engineering Whorton Engineering joined the McClellan community in 2001. They specialize in HVAC, Energy Modeling, Energy Conservation, L.E.E.D. Consulting, Commissioning, Geothermal Systems, Plumbing, and Fire Protection Design. WEBSITE CONTACT The USPS office is located at 267 Town Center Dr at McClellan. They are open for service Monday through Friday between 1:30 PM and 4:30 PM. WEBSITE CONTACT

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