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4Site, Inc. Finalizes Construction Plans for Pappy Dunn Blvd. Project

Huntsville based 4Site, Inc. is putting the finishing touches on detailed road construction documents for the McClellan Development Authority’s Pappy Dunn Blvd. road improvement project slated to begin later this year. As part of an overall $2.6 million infrastructure improvement effort, 4Site is working closely with the Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) to finalize the detailed construction plans so that the City of Anniston can announce that the project is open for Bids.

4Site has been partnering with the MDA since 2009 to develop almost 600 acres of property in the McClellan Industrial and Research/Technology Parks. Over a three year period, the MDA invested over $650,000 to conduct an overall infrastructure inventory, lead a community planning charrette for the design and layout of the two Parks, and the completion of detailed engineering documents and cost estimates for both Parks.

The MDA was not looking for documents that would sit on a shelf

and collect dust. The goal was to create plans that would lead to “turning dirt” for property improvement. That investment began to pay off in 2013, when the MDA was attempting to secure funds through ALDOT for completion of the Iron Mountain Road industrial park access corridor. During the meeting with ALDOT leadership, they stated they were not able to grant funds for the IMR project but would consider funding improvements to the main entrance road for the Industrial Park if the MDA could produce construction documents and cost estimates by the end of the day. Because the work was already completed, 4Site was able to respond quickly to the data request. The result for this effort was the award of a $950,000 grant for the project.

Once the finalized plans are approved by ALDOT, all documentation will be passed to the City of Anniston and the process of publicly announcing the project for contractor bids can begin. The goal for the MDA is to begin “turning dirt” later this year.

For more information about 4Site, visit their website at or call them at 256.539.1221.


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