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Gulf Services Contracting, Inc. Steps Out Smartly On New Project

The rain that the local community endured over the 4th of July weekend had some folks thinking about building an ark, but that did not stop Gulf Services Contracting, Inc. (GSC) from quickly mobilizing for a new abatement and demolition project on McClellan. Based out of Mobile, Alabama, the McClellan Development Authority recently awarded Gulf Services a contract to clear away eleven obsolete structures and approximately 3000 linear feet of old chain link fencing from a site located in the McClellan Industrial Park.

Situated adjacent to Pappy Dunn Boulevard, GCS’s work will open up an attractive eighteen acre site for future business. This and other parcels being cleared along Pappy Dunn serve as the MDA’s center of focus for near-term industrial development. All of these parcels will border a renovated Pappy Dunn Boulevard with easy access to Iron Mountain Road which joins to the new Veterans Memorial Parkway to the south and will soon connect with Ala. Hwy 21 to the north.

The GSC demolition project is just one of several ongoing activities

aimed at improving properties throughout McClellan. Today, this former military installation is buzzing with activity; timber crews clearing another 100 acres for future development, landscaping crews clearing, grubbing and seeding sixty acres of industrial parcels, surveyors finalizing documents for $8 million worth of road projects slated to start later this year, and GSC crews conducting building demolition.

People who have occasion to drive through the Industrial Park have already noticed a new traffic pattern leading into Pappy Dunn Blvd. A portion of Fremont Avenue that used to intersect with Pappy Dunn is now permanently closed and traffic is rerouted left along Care Drive. This new traffic flow is part of the overall Master Plan for roads in the Industrial Park and converts Pappy Dunn Blvd. into a thoroughfare with no intermediate stop signs along the route. The modification also consolidates several smaller lots into a contiguous eighteen acre parcel that can easily accommodate larger industrial structures with additional room for parking and storage.

With so many projects slated for execution this year, contract awards were scheduled to deconflict contractor operations as much as possible. Several of the contractors are using McClellan’s Industrial Landfill to dispose of construction debris, so work had to be spaced out enough to avoid conflicts and work delays. Once clearing/grubbing and demolition projects are completed, the Industrial Park will be clear and ready for extensive roadwork later this year.

For more information about Gulf Services Contracting, Inc., call them at 251.443.8161.


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