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Job Opening for Property Manager

Property Manager Job Description

General Description

The Property Manager works under the supervision of the McClellan Development Authority Director. This position involves the planning and coordination of project and activities in support of McClellan Development Authority economic development efforts.

Duties / Responsibilities

  1. Supervise maintenance of lawns and fields. Approximately 300+ acres of grass and road sides are cut on a biweekly time frame.

  2. Check and provide security of vacant buildings in MDA inventory and make notifications to proper authorities when break-ins occur.

  3. Follow up on police reports by obtaining copies and attending court hearings as necessary.

  4. Show prospective clients properties and buildings when interested clients ask.

  5. Provide accompanied access to clients and contractors to areas behind locked gates.

  6. Manage projects by monitoring contractors work that the MDA board has approved to assure all work is completed to terms and conditions of contract.

  7. Assist other contractors working on projects that require assistance from MDA, i.e. Iron Mountain extension, Eglin Ave, etc.

  8. Purchase fuel, parts and supplies for day to day operations.

  9. Supervise grounds personnel.

  10. Work with equipment dealers for pricing on purchased equipment and lease contracts.

  11. Obtain necessary bids and conduct review process for any MDA projects.

  12. Oversee repairs of equipment and buildings.

  13. Monitor health of forest areas exceeding some 6000 acres.

  14. Work with concerns of property owners bordering MDA property.

  15. Work with utility companies in locating connections to buildings and matching former Army address to current E-911 address.

  16. Serve as contact person for ADEM inspectors of McClellan’s Butler Green Industrial Land fill. Accompany inspectors on visual inspection visits at least twice yearly. Also maintain tonnage reports file for inspectors review.

  17. Work with MDA’s ESCA contractor and Project Manager as required to maintain property and stay on top of any environmental projects.

  18. Preform semi-annual inventory of equipment and tools.

  19. Operate equipment as needed.

  20. Provide historical information of McClellan when possible.

  21. Work with other organizations on special projects.

  22. Maintain a list of approved contractors for repairs and maintenance projects MDA personnel are not equipped to perform, i.e. major plumbing, tree removal, etc.

  23. Assist in preparations of yearly budget and manage maintenance budget to stay within projected expenses.

  24. Implement proper safety procedures and ensure grounds crew is properly trained and certifies to operate MDA vehicles and equipment.

  25. MDA point of contact, on-call to respond to any security or maintenance related contingencies.

  26. Perform other duties as assigned.

Knowledge / Skills

  1. Working knowledge or equivalent job experience of electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic equipment and tools. Able to troubleshoot problems and conduct recurring preventative maintenance on grounds keeping equipment and vehicles.

  2. Detailed knowledge of approved methods, codes, regulations, bid process, technical specifications, construction materials and techniques.

  3. Able to read maps, schematics and blueprints.

  4. Able to provide detailed and timely recommendations for work estimates, contractor/vender proposals and budget line items.

  5. Able to maintain accurate and complete records for all related McClellan property management activities.

  6. Working knowledge of computers, Microsoft office, and email.

  7. Historical knowledge of McClellan desirable.


  1. Experience in general construction with a working knowledge of electrical, plumbing, equipment and real property maintenance.

  2. Experience in project management.

  3. Experience developing and managing a budget.

  4. Experience in oversight and management of employees in the effective execution of assigned task.

  5. Current Alabama driver’s license.

Work Environment

  1. The work involves moderate risks or discomforts which require special safety precautions, e.g. working outdoors in various climatic conditions; working in areas with a variety of wildlife; working around moving parts, carts, or machines; working with various saws, blades, and power tools; working on ladders to make repairs; working with lawn chemicals and equipment fluids that could cause skin and/or eye irritation.

Full-time position, salary based on experience.

Apply in person: (mask required)


4975 Bains Gap Road

Anniston, AL 36205

During hours of 8:00 am – 3:30 pm, Monday – Friday

Last day to apply is October 13, 2020


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