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MDA Finalizes Purchase of Four Police Cameras with Anniston Police Department

Julie Moss, Director of the McClellan Development Authority, met with Anniston Police Chief Nick Bowles and Captain Justin Sanford on Thursday, October 20 to finalize the purchase of four live-monitoring police cameras and three years’ worth of network cards for $36,942.76, which the MDA Board approved on Sept. 28. The four cameras will be placed around McClellan in strategic locations within the next 6 months and assist Anniston Police Department with protecting the citizens and property at McClellan.

Moss attended the State of Law Enforcement seminar hosted by the Calhoun County Chamber of Commerce on April 1, 2022, which invited law enforcement agencies from across the county to speak about issues and trends facing the police force. During the event, Moss noted Anniston Police Department’s need for officers, and discussed with Chief Bowles about the possibility of cameras being set up around McClellan to assist their department.

Moss, Chief Bowles, and Captain Sanford examine a police camera
Photo Courtesy of the Anniston Star

“The cameras are a good deterrent — [they] let people know the police department cares about the community and wants to make everybody feel safe,” said Chief Bowles, “It’s a witness that’s always there and never calls in sick.”

Chief Bowles directed Moss to Captain Sanford of Anniston Police Department’s Special Operations Division, who explained all the specifications, operations, and requirements of the police cameras. With assistance from Captain Sanford and APD staff, Moss determined the best locations for the cameras around McClellan.

“I appreciate Captain Sanford and the Anniston Police Department for educating me about these cameras and guiding me throughout the process,” said Moss. “I am pleased the McClellan Development Authority is taking advantage of this opportunity to assist our officers and the City of Anniston with keeping our community safe.”

“We really appreciate having the funding to do this because anytime we…have more assets out there, obviously that’s better protection and better coverage,” said Captain Sanford. “[These] relationships help us allocate our resources — so it’s a huge help.”


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