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MDA signs property contract with FEMA for $3.5 million

At a July 9th Called Board meeting, the MDA Directors approved a contract for the sale of ninety four acres of property and sixteen buildings to the Federal Emergency Management Agency for $3,500,000. This deal was nearly three years in the making and involved detailed coordination with several federal agencies and Alabama congressional staffers. The sale includes property and buildings in the McClellan Industrial Park currently under lease to the Center for Domestic Preparedness (CDP) as well as additional security buffer parcels around various CDP training facilities. This deal eclipses the previous largest property sale of Buckner Circle properties for $2.28 million in 2002.

“This property purchase will benefit the Center for Domestic Preparedness on several fronts,” said CDP Superintendent, Mike King. “First, it’s a cost-savings measure for the taxpayers in that the CDP has now purchased property and facilities that it has been leasing. The purchase of these facilities will actually pay for itself in fairly quick fashion due to the elimination of rental payments. Second, this purchase will allow the CDP to consolidate its training campus into a more contiguous footprint at McClellan. Most are probably not aware that the CDP currently consists of six detached plots of land, and this purchase will provide a much more connected campus, with room to expand training in the future if required.” King also noted: “The new property will give the CDP a real estate buffer between the CDP’s facilities and other activities as McClellan continues to redevelop. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the new property will immediately allow the CDP to improve its training for our nation’s emergency responders, something that will benefit everyone across the U.S.”

For the MDA, this land deal serves to further support CDP’s ongoing mission here in Anniston and also provide program expansion capabilities for one of McClellan’s corporate mainstays. In addition, this influx of new revenue will enhance the MDA’s near-term financial stability and give Board Directors the opportunity to further expand their infrastructure improvement, property development, and product marketing efforts.

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