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Shoes, Hooves, and Wheels Meet in the First Annual Treadhoofalon Race at McClellan

Mountain bikers, trail runners, and horseback riders will unite in a triathlon-style race at Camp McClellan Horse Trails on November 5th, 2022. This first-of-its-kind event, dubbed “Treadhoofalon,” is being jointly hosted and organized by the Back Country Horseman of America McClellan Chapter, Northeast Alabama Bicycle Association, and Anniston Runners Club Trail Running Division. The event welcomes anyone from the serious competitor to the casual participant, featuring approximately three miles of horseback riding, eight miles of mountain biking, and four miles of trail running.

Lain Hawk, who spearheaded the concept for the event alongside his wife Julie, said, “[Julie and I] both ride horses, bike, and enjoy hiking all over the country and wanted to showcase the wonderful trails we have in our backyard here at McClellan. With an event this unique, we hope to have it grow in years to come and make McClellan a destination.” The race will begin with horseback riding promptly at 8 a.m., then mountain biking at approximately 9 a.m., and trail running at approximately 10 a.m., depending on how quickly each teammate completes their section. Participants in the biking and running sections of the race should be prepared to start ahead of these approximations, in case their teammates are faster than anticipated.

Julie Moss, Director of the McClellan Development Authority, said, “This is such a unique event and I look forward to seeing all the trail groups coming together and enjoying the beautiful trails at McClellan.”

For $45, individuals can participate in one, two, or all three disciplines and be assigned teammates as needed; OR groups of three can register as a team for $100. All registrants will receive a Treadhoofalon t-shirt, a finisher’s medal, and a cookout lunch! The event is free for spectators, and non-competing attendees can purchase a $10 meal ticket the day of the event.

Chad Jones, Chairman of the Back Country Horseman of America McClellan Chapter added, “[Our] hope is that the Treadhoofalon will be a great success for Anniston and will draw people from all over to come and experience the fun and create an economic impact. We invite spectators to come and watch the event and help grow [it] into an event that gets larger each year.”

There is a limit of 50 participants per discipline, so register online now before the slots are full:!


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