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Better Direction & Protection: The MDA Introduces Wayfinding Signs and Police Cameras to McClellan

One of four new wayfinding signs around the traffic circle

McClellan residents and visitors will enjoy enhanced safety and navigation following the installation of over 24 wayfinding signs and four police security cameras courtesy of the McClellan Development Authority (MDA).

The MDA initiated both of these projects last year in response to a prevailing community need for live-feed security and an overhaul of the wayfinding system. The MDA worked closely with the Anniston Police Department (APD) and Simmons Sign & Graphics (SSG) of Gadsden to lead the ventures to fruition. As of August 2023, the wayfinding signs and police cameras were being installed.

MDA Executive Director Julie Moss said, "It’s so exciting to see the wayfinding signs going up as we continue to invest in the area, especially with the strong interest being shown in McClellan. We have made great strides toward development in the community and want to make sure everyone feels welcome and can enjoy all this area has to offer." She added, "We are also proud to have partnered with APD to purchase cameras to assist them with protecting our residents and businesses."

The Simmons Sign & Graphics crew collaborated with the MDA staff to mark the location of each sign around McClellan using a color-coded, alphanumerical map. The first signs to go up included Baltzell Gate Road, the traffic circle, and the Summerall Gate Road/Gen. Gerald Watson Way intersection, which conjure the heaviest traffic flow.

The MDA hopes the wayfinding signs will encourage more visitors to McClellan who have been previously concerned about getting lost, as well as help direct people to high-activity locations such as the FEMA Center for Domestic Preparedness, the Industrial Park, the Medical Mall, and, of course, McClellan's various recreational offerings. SSG says this is the largest project their company has ever fulfilled.

Newly installed police camera on Headquarters Rd

In October 2022, the MDA finalized the purchase of the four live-monitoring police cameras and three years’ worth of network cards for the Anniston Police Department. The cameras, which will be placed in strategic locations around McClellan, will act as a crime deterrent and aid APD in protecting McClellan residents, visitors, and property. Some of the cameras, near the historic headquarters building and Grace Fellowship Church, have already been installed.

Captain Justin Sanford of APD Special Operations Division said the cameras will provide an extra sense of security to the community. "The cameras can be directly accessed by members of the police department to respond to any safety threats in real time. They are also watchful guardians that should deter would be offenders from committing criminal acts around those areas," he added. "We are pleased to partner with the McClellan Development Authority on this project."

Installation of all wayfinding signs and police cameras is expected to be completed by the end of September. For more information, call (256) 236-2011 or email

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